4 kinds of “special” mobile phone cases, “Su Daqiang” models are sought after by the whole network!

We all know that the functions in mobile phones are becoming more and more perfect now, so the price of mobile phones will naturally rise accordingly. Now, if a domestic flagship machine is generally more than 3,000 yuan, this price is now Most consumers are still a bit high, and now there are many consumers, even if they buy a thousand yuan machine, it will be regarded as a luxury, very cherished, there are many consumers After purchasing a mobile phone, a mobile phone case is usually purchased for the mobile phone, in order to avoid bumps or scratches on the mobile phone, so the current mobile phone case market is becoming more and more demanding.

Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce to you several kinds of mobile phone cases that look more similar. They are also obsessed with most student parties. Some styles will not be confiscated after the teacher sees them, even if their parents see At first glance, I don’t think it’s a mobile phone. I believe everyone is very curious. What kind of mobile phone case has such magic power? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

The first paragraph is the detergent-type mobile phone case. For this kind of mobile phone case, I believe that most people are the first to see it. The four “alternative” mobile phone cases that the student party is obsessed with, “Su Daqiang” Net pursuit! If you want to say that the most amazing one in the mobile phone case, then this detergent-style mobile phone case is definitely well-deserved, but it is better to be careful, because it is easy to be taken by your mother to the kitchen as Use detergent.

The second paragraph is the pistol-style mobile phone case. This kind of shape is actually quite different. However, this kind of mobile phone case should have most boys who like it. The four kinds of alternative mobile phone cases that the student party is obsessed with, especially the fourth kind, the teacher Seeing will not be confiscated! After all, boys like this kind of gun-like toys from a very young age, but this kind of mobile phone shell is still try not to let the children see it, because if it is seen by some children, it must be crying and making trouble with you. In the past, if it was placed in a toy pile, it would be a bit more difficult to find it.

The third mobile phone case is a bit more powerful. Recently, a hot TV series called “It’s quite good” is believed to have been seen by everyone. People who have seen this TV series know that there is a role in the TV series called Su Daqiang. The third mobile phone case is the Su Daqiang mobile phone case. On the phone case, there is not only a comic portrait of Su Daqiang, but also the text “I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I want money”, this phone case still looks like More joyful, almost once laughed once.

In the end, this mobile phone case design is like Huarong Road. We all know that Huarong Road is a kind of brainstorming game. Therefore, even if this mobile phone case is taken in school, the teacher will see it very much. It is difficult for you to confiscate it. Wearing this mobile phone case should also be a relatively popular thing in school.


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