Is it expensive to pay? If you want to buy a new AirPods, here is a comparison of the new version and the generation!

Apple announced the launch of AirPods, a new generation of Bluetooth headset products, as a long-awaited product for three years. As expected, the new all-wire earbud AirPods features the new Qi wireless charging box design and the “Hey Siri” feature. There is also a new H1 chip that can be used to make several improvements to the original AirPods.

If you place an order now, according to the latest news, it has been scheduled for one month, that is, it will be shipped in April.

When you haven’t paid, I still want to let everyone see the new AirPods. In the end, where is the change, it is worthwhile to start, there is no cost-effective way, you can spend less, buy AirPods.

Wireless charging box

One of the major changes to the new AirPods is the arrival of the Qi wireless charging box. In addition to the wireless charging AirPods (and charging via the Lightning interface), this has brought about new changes in the charging box itself. Now, this charging box can use any Qi wireless charging method to input power, and also adapts to the old AirPods machine. type.

Although there are several third-party platforms that offer wireless charging solutions for older AirPods, they often add some cost to the charging box, such as adding a protective case and making a Tesla coil on the headphone box

Battery Life

The difference between the old and new devices, the other is the battery life of the AirPods device, the new AirPods with wireless charging box and AirPods with charging box have extended battery life, and the talk time is longer than the first generation AirPods. 50%.

Function and performance

The last is function and performance. In addition to new wireless charging boxes, longevity and other issues, the new AirPods also offers a new and improved H1 chip that brings some advancements on the first generation AirPods W1 chip. In addition to helping to achieve 50% of talk time, the H1 chip “can reduce game latency by 30%.” The new AirPods can also increase the speed of connecting phone calls by a factor of 1.5 and connecting devices up to 2x.

According to foreign media reports, the new AirPods H1 chip performance is consistent with the iPhone 4, and has Bluetooth 5 Class 1 support, so it has a longer receiving distance than the previous generation, the theory can reach 100 meters.

Another news about sweat/water resistance seems to have not improved or changed the original AirPods. This means that they may not be waterproof and risk of damage during exercise and rainy days.

It is reported that the new AirPods is only compatible with iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2 and macOS 10.4.4 and higher. The old system is also supported, the official does not mention, and these system updates should be released next week.


Regarding the price, the new AirPods with a standard charging box sells for the same price as the original, for only $159, or $1,279. AirPods with a wireless charging box are priced at $199, or $1,599.

The wireless charging box sold separately is compatible with the first generation and is priced at US$79, or 675 RMB. The order is now available on Apple’s official website and the new product will be shipped from the end of March to the beginning of April.

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