Making big money through Tecno mobile phone, is a good friend of the third world countries

What brand can you think of when talking about smartphones in China? Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo…but do you know TECNO?

TECNO’s parent company, Voice Holdings, is located in Shenzhen. TECNO is little known in China and has no influence in Europe and the United States.

How is that alive?

The company was founded in 2006, unlike many companies in the same period, they are eager for developed markets; their choice is “the southern end of the earth” – the African region where economic development is relatively lagging. After more than ten years of hard development, TECNO can be said to be a household name in Africa. Currently, across the African continent, various sub-brand handsets, including TECNO and itel, account for nearly 50% of the smartphone market. Please note that this is the African continent! ! !

Voice transmission handsets are deeply customized according to the needs of the vast majority of people in Africa.

For example, the volume of the phone is very large, because whether it is answering the phone or listening to music, African residents generally like the loud volume.

They also developed a mobile phone camera that specifically identifies their skin color and facial features for African users, in an effort to fully satisfy the consumer’s needs for photography. Finally, the low price strategy of price and voice (in the case of TECNO, the price range is generally 50~100 US dollars) makes it a luxury for the majority of Africans to have a smart phone.

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