Samsung issued a warm-up poster April 10 Galaxy A series new product release Camera is a selling point

Following the release of the flagship Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has recently started the warm-up of the new machine. What is surprising is that the new Galaxy A series new machine and the OPPO Reno new machine will be released on the same day, but the starting location is selected in Bangkok, Thailand. However, so far, the official did not disclose the model that will release the new Galaxy A series. However, according to the latest news, Samsung’s Galaxy A new machine released this month is determined to have four models, namely 40s, 60, 70 and 80. However, Samsung’s recently exposed camera design will be adopted on this new machine. It is even more incredible.

The official “How much screen does the immersive experience need? How can I do it quickly and easily? How many tricks can I play on a screen?” The three questions confirm the Samsung Galaxy A new series except the screen fingerprint. In theory, a more optimized design will be added to the screen of the mobile phone to maximize the screen display. Unfortunately, the official model has not revealed the specific model of this new product.

On the previous day, Samsung also released a poster for the three-day countdown of the Galaxy A new global conference on the official micro, and also used “How many times do you like a single song? A good-looking drama.” Will I catch a few episodes in a single episode before I sleep? I don’t have to plug in the charger for a long time.” Three questions to reveal the aircraft’s ability in terms of battery life. And the official also answered these three questions with the pre-heating words “How do I have tired phones and how to have electricity?” on the poster, and confirmed the selling point of the captain’s battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 will be released this time. This should be the higher positioning in the Galaxy A series. It is reported that the aircraft is likely to be equipped with a 6.73-inch large screen and a side frame of about 1.2mm. The chin’s 3.6mm Notchless Infinity uncovered true full screen. In terms of configuration, according to the news between the Internet, the aircraft will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, equipped with 6GB + 128GB storage combination.

However, the new Galaxy A series may also use a lift-type front-facing camera design similar to the vivo X27, but the official is also giving feedback or formality to the two rumors.

According to the latest internal news from Xiaobian, Samsung has released four new models of the Galaxy A series this month, including 40s, 60, 70 and 80, but not 90, that is, on April 10th. The model released in Bangkok, Thailand should be one or more of the four models, but there will be no A90. Then according to the current rumors and configuration, the protagonist of the new machine released this time is probably the A80. However, at present, Samsung official has not disclosed the protagonist of the conference and a total of several models released, so in the end this official will release several new products of Galaxy A series, it is still waiting to be announced at the April 10 conference!

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