Samsung S10 series drop test results released

Thanks to the glass body, the appearance of the smartphone is now much more beautiful than in the past, and even the thousand-yuan machine has a good design. Although the glass body can enhance the appearance of the mobile phone and make the mobile phone more colorful, it may not be resistant to the metal body in the past. Recently, some foreign Fans have tested the drop for the Samsung S10 series with a glass body design.


In the first drop test, the fall height was set to 1.8 meters and the front side landed. Samsung S10 front screen shattered, Samsung S10+ is more serious, the screen fragmentation is higher than the Samsung S10, but fortunately the two mobile phone screens can still display and operate normally. The Samsung S10e is the worst case and the screen is no longer displayed.


In the second drop test, the fall height was the same as the first time, but it was set to land on the back. Samsung S10 has cracks on the back, Samsung S10+ and Samsung S10e have large-scale cracks on the back, and even the glass has fallen off, but the Samsung S10e is more serious than the Samsung S10+, and even the camera cover glass is broken.


Although the star S10 is outstanding in appearance, it is a glass body. It is still necessary to pay attention to protection. If it is possible, it is equipped with a protective cover.

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