Tell you the difference between AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro

Apple’s Beats brand today launched the new Powerbeats Pro wireless headset, similar to AirPods, the new headset focuses on fitness and daily exercise, and comes with a charging box, eliminating the need for a connection between the old headphones. These two headphones have a lot in common, but there are some notable differences. This article compares AirPods 2 with the new Powerbeats Pro in detail.


Designed for casual use, the AirPods 2 features an all-in-one design with round bulb headphones and a microphone extension that extends to the ear without the earloops or other accessories. Designed for fitness, the Powerbeats Pro is similar in design to the previous Powerbeats model, can be attached to the ear with an ear hook, and comes with four different sizes of earbuds to meet different wearing requirements.

Powerbeats Pro can stay on your ears during strenuous exercise. In fact, before using this design, Apple tested no less than 20 options and finally determined the best design for most people. AirPods 2 is worn every day, so it is likely to drop during strenuous exercise.

Both Powerbeats Pro and AirPod are equipped with charging boxes, but AirPods are smaller and more compact, while Powerbeats’ charging boxes are larger, more like glasses cases, and less portable.

Sound difference and sound insulation

Powerbeats Pro features an in-ear design and four different sizes of rubber earplugs, which means they fit snugly against the ear to isolate ambient noise. If the user is exercising outdoors, the surrounding ambient noise may not be heard. AirPods 2 does not filter out ambient noise because it does not cling to the ear canal.

Apple said that when designing Powerbeats Pro, sound is a focus, and new earbuds provide powerful, balanced audio, pure sound reproduction, enhanced clarity and improved dynamic range. Apple did not make a similar statement to AirPods, but described it as “rich, high-quality sound.” However, the difference in sound quality between the two needs to wait until you really get a more intuitive feeling.

Physical button

Users can perform actions such as activating Siri or cutting songs by clicking AirPods, but do not need any physical buttons. With a larger footprint, Powerbeats Pro has more space to design physical buttons, adjust volume, change songs, answer or hang up.

Both AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro do not have a shutdown button. Powerbeats Pro automatically activates when removed from the charging case and automatically enters sleep mode when placed in the charging case, extending battery life. AirPods works the same way.


According to Apple, Powerbeats Pro has anti-sweat and water resistance. However, Apple does not provide specific IP ratings for Powerbeats Pro and AirPods. Apple officials said that Powerbeats Pro can prevent the wearer from sweating during fitness, but should not take a bath or swim.


AirPods are available in white only, while Powerbeats Pro offers black, ivory (white matte), dark blue and moss (olive green). AirPods’ charging case is white, and all four colors of Powerbeats Pro come with a black charging case.


The Apple AirPods 2 is priced at $199 (with a wireless charging box) and is priced at $159, no charge. The Powerbeats Pro is priced at $250, which is $100 more than the version without a charging case.

Processor, sensor and Siri support

Powerbeats Pro uses the same H1 processor as AirPods 2 to connect to your device faster, switch between devices faster, reduce latency, and support hands-free Hey Siri activation. Like AirPods, Powerbeats Pro uses the “Hey Siri” voice command to pair with devices such as iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Powerbeats Pro has all of the same sensors and features in AirPods, including ear detection that correctly plays/pauses music based on location. As with AirPods, you can make calls using one or two Powerbeats Pro earbuds.

Mobile phone call

AirPods features a voice detection accelerometer and beamforming microphone that filters out external noise when a user makes a call or initiates a Siri voice command. In fact, both Powerbeats Pro headphones have a beamforming microphone, while AirPods has only one side.


Powerbeats Pro earbuds provide 9 hours of listening time, four hours longer than AirPods promised. AirPods offers 5 hours of battery life. The battery life of AirPods and Powerbeats Pro can be extended to more than 24 hours.


AirPods and AirPods wireless charging cartridges can be charged using Lightning cables or Qi-based wireless charging pads. Powerbeats Pro does not support Qi’s wireless charging and can only be charged via a Lightning cable.、

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