The Iphone cases are very creative, making your phone more attractive.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the industry of science and technology is emerging as a new type of industry. Fashion IT brands are diversified with the market. Diversified for the increase of mobile phone brand and function, the mobile phone protective case is divided into PC shell, leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, leather case, metal tempered glass case, soft plastic, cashmere, silk and so on. . The mobile phone case not only serves as an ornament to make your mobile phone a landscape, but also protects the mobile phone from falling, scratching, waterproof and shockproof!


Light and luxurious, with a good feel and high quality imported materials, this phone case is even better. Very resistant to falling and durable, feels good, can be non-slip, very stylish.

A good mobile phone case also needs to have certain seismic performance, which requires that the mobile phone case is moderately flexible and can absorb a part of kinetic energy in the impact to protect the mobile phone. When the phone is dropped on a hard ground, it is often harder to cause more damage.

At this time, if it is a flexible mobile phone case, it will be a good relief of the impact, thus protecting the mobile phone from additional damage.

A very mobile phone case, just to give you a full-fledged taste, I believe you will definitely I like to create a light and comfortable experience, adding a different artistic design to the phone case, and the comfortable feel is simply unexpected.

Soft and hard two-in-one, high-elastic TPU, fashion has a fan, extraordinary experience, the corner is higher than the camera design, refreshing appearance, can be 360 ​​degrees without dead feet, the disassembly machine will not scratch the phone


Fashion style, will not easily leave fingerprints and hand sweat, make the hand feel more delicate, the new original machine feel, super dazzling, integrated molding, close to the phone, high-end atmosphere has a grade, convenient for your daily use, comprehensive anti-skid fall.

The new upgrade, corner reinforcement reinforced anti-shock and anti-shock effect upgrade, delicate matte, very good in the hand, give you a bare-metal feel, the details of the lines are clearly visible.

iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max¥12.00 BUY

Apple 2019 latest conference materials。


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