The price fell by 2,400RMB, restart production, the iPhoneX after the price cut is the best choice?

Apple’s mobile phone does have a very big advantage in the whole market. For example, its A series processor is basically a leader in the mobile phone industry. On the iOS system, it has a unique sealing advantage. The system experience is far. Far better than Android phones. However, because the price of Apple’s mobile phones has always been very expensive, many people are difficult to start, so many people have turned their attention to some old flagships. Recently, some netizens have paid attention to these problems – diving 2,400, restarting production, is the iPhoneX the best choice after price reduction?

iPhoneX is actually a product released in 2017. After the launch of three new iPhones in 2018, Apple immediately removed the phone because of the design and performance configuration between the next two generations. They are all very similar, resulting in having to make iphonex off the shelf, which is to promote the sales of the new iPhone as much as possible. However, in the end, because the new iPhone is not popular in the market, Apple restarted the production of iPhone X again, because the price has dropped a lot. Some people are asking if this phone is the best choice at present?

The reason why iPhoneX is the best choice, netizens also listed their own views: the current price of iPhone x fell from the previous 8399 yuan to 5999 yuan, the price cut by 2,400, compared to other mobile phones today, It is indeed a big diving. And the design is not much different from the iPhoneXs, and the price of iphoneXs is 7099 yuan will be more expensive, compared to the iPhoneXR price is 5199, iphoneX is better in appearance and photo. At first glance, iphoneX does have a certain purchase value.

However, the author’s suggestion is that now considering iphoneX needs to look at the problem in two ways: in the Apple mobile phone, iPhone x may have a certain purchase value, but it is not the best choice at present. Because everyone knows that as a product in 2017, iphoneX does not have much change in appearance, but it does have some weakness in performance. In the subsequent upgrade of iOS system, it will naturally be passive. The priority level is definitely not 2018. The three new iPhones are so high.

In addition, 2019 is the first year of new technology for smartphones. It is entirely possible for iPhones to usher in new changes. New elements such as full screen, 5G and even folding screens are worth looking forward to. In April, we chose to buy the first two generations. The iPhone, it is difficult to continue to buy new machines in September, after all, the purchasing power of most consumers is still limited.

Although if you are under budget, then there is no problem choosing iPhone X, but if you want to try some new features, or if you want to buy a mobile phone that has a longer life, then you should not Going to choose iPhone X, you should choose three new iPhones in 2018. What do you think?

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