These 5 common mobile phone accessories may “harm” your phone

For “Now, are you hard to leave?” Putting this question into the 21st century today, in the people’s answer, it is obvious that “smartphone” is definitely on the list, which is undoubtedly true. . Here, we can easily analyze it. The reason why everyone can hardly leave the smartphone is because the convenience brought by the smart phone is obvious, and the fields involved are still very broad, such as clothing, food and shelter, as much as touching the world, so we They are very happy and will actively choose it and are not willing to leave it. For mobile phones, it also has something that is difficult to leave, such as the accessories of mobile phones that we are all familiar with.

I have to say that it is quite necessary to pay more attention to the use of smart phones, because it is only good for us to protect it. Well, I believe that everyone has seen a lot of tips on how to use mobile phones better, such as not using mobile phones in humid or hot environments. Therefore, Xiaobian is no longer reminding everyone here. Today, I would like to remind everyone that there are mobile phone accessories that are not too eye-catching but can be seen everywhere, which may cause harm to our mobile phones.

Accessories 1: Inferior mobile power

As we all know, as far as the current level of technology is concerned, we still cannot use the mobile phone, and one of the important prerequisites for the battery itself to play a role is that it has electricity. In reality, when our mobile phone is out of power, it is impossible for us to be able to charge our mobile phone every time. As a result, mobile power has come out because of everyone’s needs, and even become a “necessity” for many users. It is not difficult to see that the mobile power user market is quite large, but because of this, there are many bad people who take advantage of it and use some inferior products for profit.

These inferior products often cause irreparable damage to our mobile phones. Mainly because they are in the material of the production, or in the internal design, there are problems and substandard. Therefore, if we use these inferior products, it is very likely that the mobile phone will cause harm, such as heavy heat in the body. Even there are still a lot of security risks, and it is not ruled out that there are similar fires and explosions. Therefore, we must purchase regular and qualified mobile power in a reliable place.

Accessories 2: dust plug of mobile phone

It is reported that if we use it for a long time, it will be easy to damage the parts inside the socket of the mobile phone. Moreover, due to the high frequency of plugging and unplugging, we may further accelerate the aging of our mobile phones. In addition, if the dust plug is made of metal, it may damage the elasticity of the electrode, and the socket can no longer be used normally.

Accessories three: an external small fan

This is a product that has been sought after by many people in recent years, especially in the summer, it has become a “small baby” for many people. But many people only feel the benefits of being cool and easy to use, but they don’t know how to use it or they can hurt their mobile phones. Since it uses a large amount of power to be used, it will have a serious impact on the internal circuitry of the phone, which in turn will shorten battery life.

Accessories 4: Inferior mobile phone film

Many people choose to apply film to their mobile phones. According to market research, many people are very cheap. As everyone knows, in fact, many cheap films are fixed with glue. At that time, the screen of our mobile phone will be slowly corroded, so you should choose to use a regular qualified film.

Accessories 5: Inferior charger

It is reported that after many people’s original chargers are damaged, they have not purchased the new chargers through the official, but only the street shops have just “grabbed” one. As everyone knows, if you buy a poor quality product, once it is used, it may accelerate the aging of the mobile phone battery, but it may explode.

The five mobile phone accessories shown above are all “mobile phones must be equipped”. As these common products, if you do not pay attention to them, you may lose money because of “self-acceptance”. All in all, in addition to paying attention to the safe use of mobile phones and basic protection for mobile phones, in the daily use of mobile phones and chargers, or mobile phone film and dust plugs, etc. Avoid buying inferior products, and pay attention to the process of use, try to avoid damage to the phone, or let your “pocket” thus “shrink”. In summary, Xiao Bian hopes that everyone can use this to remind everyone. So, is it safe to use these accessories related to mobile phones? Do you have any supplements? Welcome comments~


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